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This blog will be the opportunity for us to tell you little anecdotes from our daily lives in the music business, whether it be something that happened during one of our tours, a glitch during a recording session or perhaps to rant about some particular music related issue that may get our blood boiling. Be prepared – we aim at all times to be highly subjective!

We may also want to just wax poetic about some artist or album that we may have no association with directly, just because we get excited about this artist & her/his music, or perhaps critique some critic who said something particularly moronic – or maybe particularly insightful – maybe about one of our clients, and maybe about someone else that we care about.

In other words, we hope to give you some insight as to how we think about all of these things, a bit of a “behind the scenes” look at us rather than just press-release official sounding stuff.

We hope you’ll contribute equally subjective comments as we go along!

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