Melissa Aldana plays for Lou Donaldson

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LouDonaldsonMelissa Aldana is set to perform at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center tonight Thursday as well as Saturday and Sunday. She and alto saxophonist Jaleel Shaw will appear in place of alto saxophonist and bonafide jazz legend Lou Donaldson. An official statement from Jazz at Lincoln Center & the Lou Donaldson family follows below:

“Due to medical complications, Lou Donaldson will not appear at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola this weekend. We will celebrate his incredible music with his band of over 20 years, Randy Johnston (guitar), Akiko Tsuruga (Hammond B-3 organ) and Fukushi Tainaka (drums), and featured soloists Jaleel Shaw (Thursday, Friday, Sunday) and Melissa Aldana (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday)”

We know that Melissa and Jaleel are both excited and honored to be there, hoping to pay tribute to a fellow master musician and true soldier for the bebop cause. That’s the exact same spirit they are both steeped in. To do so with Lou’s long-standing band is both a big challenge and a great opportunity. We hope you’ll stop by to join the party!



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