Kurt Rosenwinkel Solo in Asia

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DSC00080It all started in Marlboro, NY on April 30, 2007 at The Falcon – and it is documented here: Kurt Rosenwinkel’s first show consisting of him performing an entire show Solo. Since then he has performed Solo at multiple festivals and venues, such as Montreux Jazz Festival (a video from that event here) and Montreal Jazz Festival (twice), and now he is bringing his Solo show to Asia for the first time.

Everybody who has seen Kurt perform knows of his incredible ability to improvise gorgeous intros with amazing harmonic and melodic colors. But true to his character he wasn’t satisfied in repeating something he could have easily done: Simply sit down with his guitar & an amp and play standards and originals for an evening’s worth of music.

Instead he once again has aimed to present a new music, a music of multiple colors and stylistic directions, a music that sometimes uses technology to help achieve it’s aims, but never in a way where it’s the technology itself that becomes the focus – an entire Kurt-world of music as only he could imagine it.

To quote Kurt himself: “I will be playing solo guitar, but also incorporating multi-layered spontaneous composition, using a system I created that allows me to create rhythm harmony and melody and explore improvisational realms in a full fledged way even though its just me up there”.

As such every night promises to be a new night, a night of sounds and compositions never heard before and never to be heard again.

This time there will be performances in Shanghai (China), Seoul (Korea), Hong Kong and multiple dates in Japan stretching from Aug. 25 until Sept. 7. You can find the exact information on the dates on his tour page here. We hope to see you there!

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