Happy birthday Jaco!

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jaco-jaco-pastorius-31075766-496-328We named our company after Jaco Pastorius’s amazing album “Word of Mouth” because, at the time, it seemed to us that this album contained just about everything we love about music all in one album. That is still true today. To us  – and many – Jaco is a Charlie Parker level genius who completely revolutionized jazz music forever after.

But not “just” jazz music. As the incredible and incredibly touching new Jaco movie, produced by Robert Trujillo, clearly proves, Jaco’s music and playing had a pervasive and life-altering effect on musicians of pretty much every genre.

The movie is making it’s debut just these days, you can also purchase it on DVD, which we did, and it is well worth it to watch Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Sting and many others talk about Jaco and his music + see many private clips of Jaco through all ages from family archives. You can purchase the DVD here.

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