Kurt Rosenwinkel w. Pharaoh Sanders!

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IMG_0001Just a couple of days ago Kurt was invited to play with Pharaoh Sanders band in Wroclaw, Poland. Pharaoh first came to prominence as a member of John Coltrane’s band, including both versions of the classic quartet as well as the later band with Alice Coltrane and Rashied Ali, and he was prominently featured on several recordings with Coltrane such as “Meditations”, “Kulu Sé Mama”, “Ascension” and others.

Those albums were a cause of much controversy, both at the time and since then, and to quote Pharaoh’s own bio: “Although he made his name with expressionistic, nearly anarchic free jazz in John Coltrane’s late ensembles of the mid-’60s, Sanders’ later music is guided by more graceful concerns…without, it should be added, sacrificing any of the intensity that defined his work as an apprentice to Coltrane.”.

The gig came about because Pharaoh’s regular pianist had issues in making this date. However, both Kurt and Pharaoh enjoyed it so much that Kurt was invited back to participate in another of Pharaoh’s gigs taking place in Istanbul, Turkey tomorrow. and Kurt was more than happy to accept.  You can find the details of that event by clicking here.

This was all last minute, literally arranged the day before the performance in Poland, but by sheer coincidence, and some good thinking on the part of Pharaoh Sanders people, has allowed for this extremely interesting meeting of 2 giants from different generations to take place. We hope this is just the beginning!

Visit Pharaoh Sanders website here.

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